Timezone and location

In the earlier versions you have been setting timezone and location in the settings and these data were being used to calculate all charts. If you needed to make a calculation for another place, you had to go to settings and change timezone and location.

Old date input Edit location

Now timezone and location can be given right at the input page, along with date. Timezone and location, stored in your settings, are used just as default ones.

To change default timezone and location, use the link at the input page.

Date input

In the most services, providing Bazi calculation, timezone is set up automatically, as long as you have entered place of birth.

For example, you know, that a person is born at 13:15 in Vladivostok. 13:15 is, of course, local Vladivostok time, local time is the time, which a person or one’s parents know. Then it is enough to enter 13:15 and location “Vladivostok”. And corresponding timezone will be derived automatically. In this way work most modern astrological and bazi calculators, working with the date of birth.

However, here you have to enter timezone separately from location (longitude). It is connected with speciality of Qi men Dun jia consultant’s work.

Imagine, that consultant is located in Berlin and client calls from New-York. Consultant knows, that moment of question is, for example, 13:15 Berlin time, and client is located in New-York.

If consultant thinks, that the chart is defined according to the hour earth branch in the client’s location, tnen one can input timezone “Berlin”, location “New-York”, time 13:15. Then one will get the chart for the hour, that was lasting in New-York at the moment, when in Berlin was 13:15. In this way consultant’s work turns easier. One just takes the time from normal clock, enters this time, enters one’s own timezone, and gives location of the client. No need to recalculate anything in mind.

Consultant and client are in different places

If consultant thinks, that the chart is defined by the hour earth branch in the consultant’s location, then it is even more easy. One just needs to enter one’s own timezone, own location, enter time from one’s own normal clock. That’s it.