In former versions when you were ordering an agenda it was automatically stored in your account under “Reports”. There have been also similar function of notes creation. For any chart you could create a note, that was getting storted in yous account.

Now both these functions are substituted by “Bookmarks” function.

After calculating a chart or creating an agenda, you can press button . On the chart page this button is big and in the rightmost column. On the agenda page this button is in the top right corner under language selector.

In the popup window enter title of the bookmark and, if you wish, comments. Save.

New bookmark

After saving the bookmark, everything about this chart (or agenda) will be stored in your account: location, timezone, date, start and finish for agenda, and also all calculation settings. And you will be taken to the bookmark’s page.


If in the future you change chart calculation settings, then at the bookmark’s link there will remain the chart (agenda), calculated with the settings, with which it was initially calculated.

The link to bookmarked chart (agenda) can be opened by anyone. You can send the link to your client, publish it in social network. Any user — even without registration — can see this chart with the title and comments, which you have entered. To make new calculations, of course, one has to be registered user of our site.

Title and comments

If you are the author of the bookmark, then you also have buttons to edit and delete the bookmark.

List of all your saved bookmarks is located in “Bookmarks” section.