How to read Basic Agendas

After you have ordered an agenda, you get a series of tables, that may look like this:

Basic Agenda

In the top row there are dates. Each cell below represents one Chinese hour within this day. Time in the cell denotes the time, when this hour starts in the timezone and location, that have been given at the date input page. These timezone and location are shown at the top of the page.

In the timezone and location, that we have here, you may see, that Chinese day lasts from 1:03 till 1:03 next day. So the very last Chinese hour of a given day starts at 0:03 (next day) and finishes at 1:03 (next day) and then next Chinese day begins.


In these agendas you may see various colours of cells.


Red colour is the time, when all ideas are getting into reality with ease. “Heaven generates Earth”.


Pink or light-red colour is the time, when reality gives an inspiration to generate new ideas. “Earth generates Heaven”.


Light-green colour is the time, which is suitable to bring an order. To force the reality to follow some ideas or laws. “Heaven overcomes Earth”.


Green colour is the time, when reality destroys our ideas. When the flow of things gives us a lesson and shows, that we could reconsider ideas. Best time for revolution or complaint. “Earth overcomes Heaven”.


Orange or light-brown colour is the time of balance. Calm pause between movements described above.

These five qualities are attached to each hour and each day separately. So you may have “Green” day and “Red” hour inside of that day. Colour of the day is shown by vertical colored stripe on the left border of the date cell in the top row of a table.

Emptiness — Grey colour

Grey colour shows “empty” days and hours. Empty days and hours are the times with low qi levels. It is generally recommended not to plan anything important for such time.

Some days are totally empty (grey column). Within each day two hours are empty (grey cell). When emptiness of day and hour overlap, we get super-emptiness, even less qi. Such empty hours within empty days are shown by dark-grey colour.

Despite being empty and weak, these times still have their Colour-coded qualities. Colour of the empty hour is shown by vertical colored stripe on the left border of the cell.